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Our Classes/Workshops

Indulge in the art of relaxation at our classes and workshops. Immerse yourself in a curated selection of classes designed to rejuvenate both body and mind. Our skilled instructors guide you through a variety of techniques, from traditional to innovative, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness. Whether you seek stress relief, flexibility, or a deeper connection with your body, our classes cater to all levels and preferences. Join us to experience the transformative power of wellness in a welcoming and serene environment. Elevate your well-being with our classes and workshops – where tranquility meets technique.

50% deposit due @ sign up, 50% due in CASH at Breethe.

Non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours.

50% deposit due @ sign up, 50% due in CASH at Breethe.

Non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours.


Candlelight Restorative

Every Tuesday at 7pm.

Spend a relaxing candle lit evening experiencing deep restorative stretches that focus on muscle recovery. During class we will move through restorative postures and open ourselves to deeper levels of stillness. Class will close with a blissful Savasana and meditation. Please bring a mat and or blanket.

Class Fee $12

Spa and Wellness


Pound Unplugged

Every Wednesday at 6pm

POUND Unplugged is a 30-minute class that balances focused, high-intensity exercises with restorative movements, rhythmic breathing and meditation. Quick, efficient and challenging, the workout guides participants through a deeply intentional journey designed to promote the health and fitness of the whole person – mental, physical and emotional.  

Using Ripstix®, exercise drumsticks, POUND Unplugged connects mind, body and sound to create immersive, sensory experiences unlike anything you’ve experienced in a group fitness class. 

Bring a mat, towel and water! Sticks will be provided. 

Class Cost: $12



Every Wednesday at 7pm and Saturdays at 11am, starting April 6th

Zumba is a fun and energetic workout that combines Latin and international music with dance steps to create a workout that’s as enjoyable as it is effective. The choreography is designed to be easy to follow, even for those of us with no dance experience or natural talent for dance. The upbeat music and lively atmosphere of a Zumba class will keep you moving and motivated.

Bring your dancing shoes, water and a towel! 

Class Cost: $12

Zumba Dancer
Yoga Class


All Levels Yoga

Every Thursday evening at 7pm

This class unites your breathe with your body offering a variety of poses accessible to all levels. Classes will include building strength in the core, balance in the body, as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion. Calm your mind, feel alive and revived.

Class fee $12


Power Yoga

Every Saturday at 9:30am, starting April 6th

Power yoga is a fast-paced flow where the move from one posture to another is rapid, linking your breathing to the different motions of your body. 

A power yoga class requires mindfulness and focus on your breathing, power yoga is more dynamic than meditative. 

Benefits of Power Yoga: 

Energy Exchange: $12




Every Saturday at 8:30am, starting April 6th

The workout combines cardio, Pilates, isometric movements and plyometrics with constant simulated drumming – all to loud, kick-butt music. An energizing, infectious, sweat-dripping workout, each strike of the Ripstix releases a primal aggression as well as a neuromuscular reward of mixing sound and movement. POUND allows you to truly become the music.


Bring a mat, a towel and some water! Sticks will be provided.

Energy Exchange: $12


Soul Painting

April 17th at 6:30pm 

Not a painter…no worries. No talent needed to attend this abstract painting event.
Chill with Jill as she brings you into your heart and soul to AWAKEN YOU to your family life/stability, creativity, personal power, compassion/love, communication, inner knowing and your direct connection to the divine. Bring an open mind as you paint your unique blueprint to your inner self. All supplies included.

Energy Exchange: $35

soul painting.jpeg


Crystal Quartz Sound Bowl Healing

June 3rd at 6:30pm.

Join Brian and Jill in a sound bowl healing session with a personal message. Crystal singing bowls can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and anger, and help experience deep relaxation and pain relief.

Exchange $30

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